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#WomensMarchLA film featured in Ms. Magazine


In Online Premiere, Press Posted

Ms. Magazine interview the organizers of #WomensMarchLA, which took place in Downtown Los Angeles on January 21st, with an estimated 500-700 thousand in attendance. They discuss the “Why We March” PSA released leading up to and playing throughout the event.

Organizers from the Women’s March Los Angeles in conjunction with Women In Media released a “Why We March” PSA in advance of the Women’s Marches on January 21—and as we march and mobilize for equality, the responses they solicited remain as salient as ever.

The LA organizing team solicited responses from their community for the video who come from all walks of life. For some, the march honored the legacies of their mothers—for others, it marked the beginning of their activism. Despite their differences, they are united in this fight.   


Watch the video here: